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Warema window awnings( zip screen)-prozorske vanjske zavjese

Window awnings from WAREMA

High functionality and freedom of design

Are you looking for an effective sun shading system for your home but don't want to sacrifice on modern design and functional safety at the same time? Our solution: aesthetic and wind-stable window awnings from WAREMA. Thanks to the wide variety of designs, colours and models, they guarantee an unparalleled freedom of design and will impress you with their technical perfection. Large fronts are effectively protected from the sun or prying eyes. Even elaborate conservatory architectures can support your window awning from WAREMA in terms of function and style and in doing so, it also adapts to challenging window shapes. Combined with an intelligent WAREMA control system, window awnings provide a comfortable indoor climate at all times.

Which window awning suits you?

Front-mounted awnings

Front-mounted awnings have a variety of different trim panels and are especially wind-stable in combination with the easyZIP guidance.

Awning window systems

Awning window systems can be integrated in the facade so that they are visible or concealed - regardless of whether in exterior insulation and finish systems or existing shafts.

Top-mounted awnings for new buildings

Top-mounted awnings for new buildings were specially developed for new structures and renovation projects and are equipped with the new wind-stable easyZIP guidance.

Vertical awnings

Vertical awnings are ideally suited for effectively shading medium-sized window surfaces and can be perfectly adjusted to your facade.

Shaft awnings

The custom-made and weather-proof shaft awnings are integrated into your existing shafts or lintel boxes above windows on-site.