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Warema patio awnings

Patio awnings from WAREMA

Design your outdoor space

Perfect protection from the sun is a must if you want to make your patio or balcony as cosy as your indoor space. With a Terrea patio awning, you gain a unique outdoor space for the whole family to work, relax or play.

The high-grade Terrea awnings give you the greatest design freedom with their attractive designs and frame colours. The clever accessories provide operating comfort and a boost to your quality of life.

Terrea cassette awnings

With your WAREMA cassette awning you can enjoy every sunny day exactly as you want. And not only in terms of pleasant temperatures. After all, your awning with compact cassette dimensions is also a real eye-catcher. No wonder with this design, the wide range of fabrics, frame colours and accessories for maximum comfort. The closed cassette awning offers maximum protection against wind and weather. When retracted, the fabric, the articulated arm, the drive and all other parts of the construction rest inside the cassette and are perfectly shielded from the effects of bad weather.

Terrea articulated arm awnings

Articulated arm awnings Terrea are the versatile all-rounders among the WAREMA shade providers. This is because Terrea awnings from WAREMA turn even narrow balconies and any architecturally demanding patio into shady feel-good spots due to their low space requirement. Another advantage: the articulated arm awning Terrea is characterised by an extremely large projection so that even expansive balcony or patio outlines can be fully covered. For you, this means perfect sun shading in the smallest of spaces!

Open space for fantasy with patio awnings Terrea

Experience a homely feeling on your balcony with awnings

With their coloured fabric, awnings create a unique atmosphere that promotes comfort and relaxation. They combine design and sun shading to extend living spaces to the outdoors. Terrea patio awnings include cassette awnings with a protective housing for the fabric and frame parts as well as lower-priced articulated arm awnings for all weatherproof installation locations. WAREMA's various awning models allow you to make your space your own – this range allows every awning to be tailored to your specific architecture and personal preferences.